Your own Industrial IoT Service Platform

The first all-in-one, cloud-based machine management service. Manage all your systems remotely, from anywhere in the world. Perfect for maintenance contractors and cutting-edge engineers and equipment builders.

Check your remote machines as though you were standing next to them.

Remote access
Access all your machines and equipment anytime, anywhere. Arcsom connects your on-site equipment and captures the right data.
Your own service platform
Applicable data insights and remote management. We develop a service platform tailored to your machine.
Predictive maintenance
Optimize your workflows & cut unnecessary costs. We make your data work for you. Automatically, of course.
Kheiron Studio
Arcsom builds your service platform and you visualize your machines in the cloud and develop your own low-code solutions.

The essential toolkit in Industrial Internet of Things.

Intuitive design for your engineers and all the tools at your fingertips.
Tailored to your equipment
Fully tailored to your unique equipment or service.
Seamless integration
From machine to cloud and everything in between.
Start today
Easy to deploy and fully scalable.

Passionate users, 

that's who we do it for.

Engineering and equipment builders
Instantly access the customer's view remotely and resolve failures in no time. Save valuable time for your engineers and optimize your service to your customer. Arcsom puts you in the driving seat of your equipment.
Maintenance contractors
Are you responsible for the maintenance of non-collocated equipment? Optimise the deployment of your technicians, automate your workflows and implement predictive maintenance. Scale up your unique service in no time.
Give your technicians all the necessary tools to work. Wherever they are.