Industrial Pharma Automation

Your pharmaceutical process runs automatically and you can count on that. The software efficiently controls your production equipment. And sequence controls communicate effortlessly with your hardware. Seems like a good plan?

Arcsom automates your entire installation: always with the latest technology and with actual support in plain language

Assembling PLC configuration

In any efficient pharmaceutical process, all components should be coordinated. A network of PLCs guarantees productivity.

Arcsom builds a solid PLC configuration for your project. With an efficient combination of PLC components such as power supply, CPU, input and output modules and communication modules, we automate your equipment effortlessly.


PLC & HMI programming

We carefully program each stage in the pharmaceutical process into the PLCs. Through a sequence control, the utility stations give the reactor step-by-step instructions to perform an action, such as a CIP (cleaning) or a SIP (sterilization). At the reactor, the PLC lets all manual actions by the operator happen automatically.

Arcsom programs, optimizes and standardizes the source code in your production equipment. Using building blocks, we build a sequence control that runs the process fluidly. It is automatic and 100% reproducible.


Integrating the SCADA system

With a supervisory platform (SCADA), you control processes in real-time. We make the link between your PLCs and your SCADA platform.

Through training and support, you gain maximum control over your pharmaceutical processes. We ensure a seamless integration with your existing systems.


SCADA in Pharma

Implementing EMS & BMS

You want sterile cleanrooms. A constant monitoring of temperature, pressure, humidity and particle counts shows where you should make adjustments to keep your production sites sterile.

You can rely on our experience with EMS & BMS.

We know the rules

GAMP5 is a methodology for developing automated systems in the pharmaceutical industry. Our coding is done in a precise manner, according to the method formulated by GAMP5.
Every part of the software is checked by your software validation department. Since Arcsom is familiar with CSV (Computer Software Validation), you can expect a smooth cooperation.
Annotated source code & version management
You’re looking for code that is reliable and traceable. That is why every piece of our code gets an annotation: a digital post-it that clarifies the function of the code. Because we work according to the ALCOA+ principle, you can be sure of the integrity of your data.

This security is maintained through version management: all changes are carefully documented.
Documented testing & simulation in multiple environments
Your software is extensively tested and simulated. In a detailed report, you can follow every step of the testing process. The code you start working with will first be simulated in various realistic test environments, resulting in a high-quality and secure software.

Why the pharma industry chooses Arcsom

We have 30 years of experience
We understand the complexities of working in pharma and are used to working with validation departments.
We give technical advice and support in plain language
Sure, we speak code, but also English. And we take the time to explain everything to you in a crystal clear manner: with personal support and transparent advice, we’re able to make a difference in truly helping you.
We work independently of brands
We work for you, not for your supplier. That's why we choose the best solution for your needs, whether it's Siemens, Schneider Electric or another brand.
Arcsom automates your installations. Always with the use of the newest techniques, and communication in human language.