For Arcsom, padel digitalization is child's play

Pieter-Jan, IoT Manager Arcsom Wannes Blondelle
Wannes Blondelle, CEO
In conversation with Pieter-Jan, IoT Manager Arcsom

Arcsom and Tomaspor work together towards the optimization of padel and tennis courts; Tomaspor is in charge of installing the courts and Arcsom's Kheiron Service Platform communicates over MQTTS with Tennis Vlaanderen's API, which is connected to PLCnext technology provided by Phoenix Contact. Discover how this system can be innovating for sports complexes everywhere.

Industrial IoT


“In the past, an employee could forget to turn off the lights at the end of a busy day. This no longer happens on a fully digitized court. This way, Arcsom actively reduces energy consumption. The app does all the work, so the presence of an employee is also made redundant,” says Kristof Brouwersfrom Arcsom. “Club owners and trainers can manage the settings themselves through the Kheiron app, which provides ease of use and clear information. Adding other integrations is just as simple: from CO2 measurement to sprinkler systems, heating connection and access control.”

  • prevent energy waste

  • avoid unnecessary work

  • perform tasks from a distance

  • more user-friendly courts

  • automated communication






“The Kheiron app is connected via MQTTS to the Pellens padel boxes, where the PLCnext magic happens. Developed by Phoenix Contact and Arcsom, each of these boxes contains the necessary inputs and outputs for full control. The PLC and the Kheiron dashboard are both programmed by Arcsom to suit the sports complex in question. Club owners decide for themselves which modalities they wish to use via the front end of the app. “For example, the light blinking twice could mean the session is over,” says Kristof Brouwers.

“Arcsom has the complete capacity to provide sufficient long-term support. A clear experience in industrial automation offers an array of opportunities, like the current lighting control or the installation of CO2 meters in the near future”

— Wannes Blondelle, Tomaspor

Cloud-based solution
Wherever you are, with the user-friendly Kheiron app you can easily adjust your settings via the front end.
Cost efficiency
Investing in PLCnext Technology pays off rapidly: your personnel costs go down and your courts last longer.
Automation is the future
Lighting control, the condition of the courts, maintenance and the annual lighting consumption can all be consulted.

“Tomaspor sets the clubs up digitally and keeps in touch with the customer. Arcsom is responsible for the optimization and digitization. It's a perfect match”



IoT Manager


“At this point Tennis Vlaanderen's software interface can easily communicate with the Kheiron app,” confirms Kristof Brouwers. In the Tennis Vlaanderen app, players can reserve their tennis and padel courts effortlessly. The app registers settings such as duration, court and number of participants. “Tennis Vlaanderen shares this data with Arcsom via an API, which it uses to manage the lighting control and access codes of the courts,” explains Sascha Van Itterbeeck from Tennis Vlaanderen.


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