“Using smart, mobile reactors we can optimize our drug production” - Denis, Automation Manager

Novartis' Belgian production site invests a lot in drug manufacturing for use in ophthalmology. Arcsom automated the 120 reactors in which substances for ointments, visco-elastics and liquids are mixed daily.



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Pharma Automation

A tailor-made solution.

Manufacturing and testing biotech products is a process that requires the utmost care, as even the smallest deviation can result in a rejected batch and a significant financial cost! Arcsom automated 120 reactors that are crucial in the production process: from temperature and pressure control to agitator speed. Each batch can be traced back to the reactor it was made in, whether the calibration was in order and under which specific conditions it was manufactured. Thanks to extensive automation, we avoid errors that can have enormous financial consequences, because some basic raw materials are extremely expensive.

  • Backup of all process data 
  • Reliability thanks to Modicon PAC control (PLC)
  • All products are manufactured under the exact same conditions
  • Mobile solution: the reactors can be moved around in the production area
  • Plug and play
  • Quick support 
  • Compact components