“The sorting and processing of our empties is fully automated” - Nikolas, team leader

Every day, thousands of containers with empties arrive at Delhaize's distribution centre. They are then sorted and placed on pallets. Arcsom has developed a smart automation process that not only ensures the continued operation of legacy PLCs, but also allows for reporting and analysis.



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PLC Care

A tailor-made solution.


Delhaize's sorting line is still fully operational using legacy, obsolete PLCs. Arcsom made backups of the system and provided full support, ensuring the continuous operation of the sorting line. In addition, we developed an extensive control system to ensure the entire installation can be monitored from a central point. At the same time, a smart reporting tool provides easy access to data, enabling analysis to further fine-tune the process.

  • Software backups 
  • Extensive service support
  • Visual reports about various production parts and lines
  • User-friendly reporting tool

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