“We build smart waste compactors together with Arcsom” - Kenneth, Product Manager

AJK develops waste compactors, as used in municipal recycling grounds, hospitals, vacation parks, etc. At Arcsom, we made these compactors intelligent and easy to manage using our IoT service platform.



Sales Engineer
Industrial IoT
Remote service

A tailor-made solution.


A waste compactor that sends you a warning when it needs to be emptied? Remote status updates? Automatic notifications in case of problems? Arcsom made AJK's waste compactors intelligent and easy to manage. This allows AJK to monitor the status of its compactors and change parameters remotely. Compactors are monitored to ensure maintenance can be scheduled in time. In addition, any problems are automatically reported to AJK's technical department. Thanks to our IoT solution, AJK always has a clear overview of all systems, with their current status and fill rate. 



  • Smart dashboard with overview of all installations
  • Automatic notification when a full waste container needs to be emptied 
  • Fewer unnecessary trips
  • Notifications when maintenance is required
  • Automatic notifications and quick intervention in case of problem


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